Mirrored image with hat, 1930’s, Dora Kallmus (Madame D’Ora) (1881 - 1963)

Matthew’s Island of Misfit Toys

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Nancy Carroll and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. in Scarlet Dawn (a.k.a. Son of Russia), Screenland, 1932.

Jean Harlow, 1931. Photo by George Hurrell

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A Normal Day (The Valentin Dance)

One thing I know: you have a talent with words. All the more reason to be in a talking picture.” She hugged him wet towels and all and said, “ I love you, crazy George.”


George was grateful that Peppy had not nagged him about the suit. He knew very well he was running out of clothes to wear. She was sweet to hug him there in the dining room with him dripping water. She explained her hairdresser was coming to help with her hair for the luncheon—-which was really an appearance— so the studio insisted on the right wardrobe and hair. She would be changing soon anyway.

It was Clifton who was a little nag to George. Well, he didn’t say anything he just stood over him and waited.


“I don’t know what I can wear to go out in public now. I have some slacks and a tennis shirt. Will they let me into Bullocks with that? ”

Joan Crawford in Grand Hotel, 1932.

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Cary Grant photographed by Imogen Cunningham, 1932.


Cary Grant photographed by Imogen Cunningham, 1932.

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