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Passion - Federico Beltran Masses



Otto Baumberger, poster artwork for motorcycle exhibition, 1932. Switzerland. Via Susanlenox


John Marin (American, 1870-1953), Mid-Manhattan II, 1932. Oil on canvas, 28 x 22 in.

(1932) Music from the Lupe Velez hit “Hot-Cha”. Singers: Mildred Bailey & Red McKenzie.


Call Her Savage (1932) - John Francis Dillon

I’d love to see your head bandaged. It looks so romantic.

Clara Bow photographed by Harold Dean Carsey for Call Her Savage, 1932


The art of wearing a manskirt well, by Joel McCrea.  

He wore everything, and nothing, exceptionally well.  

Hot-damn! (1930s expression!)

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Polar bear from Greenland, presenting the 1932 Industrial Exhibition in Copenhagen in Art Déco Style. Unknown artist. Source

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